Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Idiot Waxman Takes Cover...

This is just a "GOTCHA" update on doctrinaire collectivist California congressman Henry Waxman's "Petard".

He is hoist on it.

Remember when this blog brought news that he set up a "show trial" hearing For April 24 at which je was going to pummel and punish executives who predicted billions in dollar losses prompting maybe critical job loss from passage of Obamacare?

Well the DC Examiner reports that the cross-examination of the CEO collection is off the schedule ( !!

The Spirit of Cato and I have mixed feelings about this. First thought is "good enuff FOR the knee-jerk leftwinger caught with his mouth open..."

Second thought: We'd like to have heard the people at AT&T, Verizon, Catepillar, John Deere and many, many other EMPLOYERS OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS explain how the new Obamacare will cost theemployers of millions of workers a total of billions in new expenses and more threatened payroll shrinkage.

Why should the socialist dummies be spared some cold water reality until next November ???

It is really pathetic how the Left repeatedly cranks up mouth and voice while brain is dormant and disengaged.

Waxman is just the prime example by which none of the rest EVER learn.

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