Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Trot Out The "I" Word ???

This wont take long.

Every time someonem in a national political administration misbheaves---as the president did Wednesday by appointuing a health care rationing Czar outside of Congressional approval---some idiot pundit screams impeachment threats.

But Wednesday, in a session of the supposedly Non-Political United States Civil Rights Commission, a smoking gun was produced.

J. Christian Adams, who resigned his Justice Department post under Eric Hoilder delivered the explosion.

The Bush Administration filed charges against three "New Black Panther Partry" members who asaulted and intimidated voters at a Pennsylvania polling place in November, 2008.

Eric Holder's first act as U.S. attorney general was to withdraw and "dust bin" the case.

Adams finally resigned over the AG's decision and branded it as "racist".

Now he has taken it to a higher, less combative arena, and has named names of all who suppressed and criticized .
Members of the USCRC are old travelers down the racist and bigot glutted trail.

I am calling on all my friends and readers of theseb screeds to join me (AND the USCRC) to see if we, as a nation, really place character above skin color as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. implored.

Members of the USCRC say they will invesigate briskly. If they DO,
someone will be punished....someday.

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