Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mfisi Syndrome

The second book I read by Ernest Hemingway was a First Edition of The Green Hills of Africa, a lively account of a safari he and his wife, Pauline took in the 1920's.

It was a seminal experience for me because I re-read the book twice in between readings of, The Sun Also Rises, and For Whom the Bel Tolls (which was published when I was 15).

There were many things in the non-fiction account of DOD ("Dear Ol’ Dad") and POM ("Poor Ol’ Mom") on romantic Safari under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This book contained "Papa’s" first foray into literary criticism.

In talking to an Austrian hunter named Sandisky, Hemingway made a trenchant appraisal of "New York Writers" that I have used a hundred times to characterize "libruhls", socialists, whore columnists and incestuous Manhattan-Washington umbilical parasites.

"They are", he said, "like earthworms trapped in a sealed Mason Jar, trying to draw life, meaning and sustenance from one another...doomed to dessiccate and fade on the wind like ashes when released to the real world...."

But that did not end Hemingway’s store of vital bestiaries.

I remember his delight at the elegant Masai and their use of the wondrous poetry of Swahili. Doesn’t "Simba" just sculpt a lion ?

And he went into great detail describing how hyenas, the Mfisi, would chew and devour their own entrails when wounded by a swipe from a lioness or leopard or cheetah at a natural "kill".

Mfisi, like all Masai Swahili is spiritually onamotopoetic, It sounds as ugly and reprehensible as the animal. Swahili floods over one unrivaled in English but for only a few words (liquid...sheen...waning...victory).

Well, the mfisi, pulling out and chewing his own guts once wounded, is the image of the Democrat loyalists this Dog Day summer.

Obama is revealed to have secretly lobbied for compassionate release of the Lockerbie bomber with the Scots, while presenting the opposite attitude to you.

Biden has slid from hailing the summer of recovery to mumbling that "it could be worse."

And, because the people of the United States elected a "black" man president, those same people are all branded "racist" if they disagree with ANY of his administration’s policies. Or if they despise the Congress!

Everything, in finality, is Bush’s fault. Nineteen months is not long enough for ownership.

You can feel the froth and frenzy. A lawmaker in Glendale, California, holding a public meeting in a public library had city police officers remove the press from the builoding.

Attorney general Eric Holder refuses to prosecute New Black Panther thugs who intimidated voters with truncheons and profanity in Pennsylvania in 2008. When confronted, a civil rights commission member said :"There is no evidence" although a video of the thugs threatening and harassing voters has been seen by, probably 100 million citizens on television and the internet.

Now, the situation is so "frozen" every word the Democrat legions say is an attack on self.

The implosion will be complete when they find NY Congressman Charles Rangel, (House Ways and Means boos, who writes ALL the tax legislation) "innocent" of corruption charges leveled by the bipartisan ethics committee.

This COULD will be the final act of immolation by the Mfisi !!!

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