Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apocalyptic Tickles

You few but blessed readers of the Depot DO expect me to keep you updated on the temblors that presage "the end" do you not ?

Even though one of them ocurred on Fox Sunday, no one has realized its importance so far.

Beginning with THAT one: National Public Radio's Juan Williams (pale, freckled African-American of apparent Hottentot heritage, announced that the reason Missouri rejected Obamacare in a statewide referendum 71% to 29% was just a bunch oof old white pwople.

He got away with it, too.

What if Bill Kristol had replied, in equally idiotic illogic that the only reason Obama was elected in 2008 was "crazy young black people" ??? We would STILL be drowning in PeeCee ink, crocodile tears and whatever tingled Chrissy Mattjews' leg.

A wise lady once rpeated to me over the years: "Some people just don't know HOW to think !"

And we are at their mercy.

The other thing is surely the beginning of SOME kind of "end".

A celebrated "gay" blogger named John Aravosis, noted for "outing" homosexuals who preferred the "closet" on his Amercablog site, announced Tuesday that he and his friend "Joe" want the White House to return the $43,000 they raised for the Obama campaign in 2008. ( http://tinyurl.com/2unxrtb )

John and Joe also expressed some chagrin, if not outright regret, at havinf done a lot of "dirty work" for the campaign two years ago.

This is just an admission of Chicago Way tactics which we now know, after 20 months to be de rigeur for this administration / outfit / gang . Whatever....

Do you wonder, as I do, if the Teachers' Union is surreptitiously instructing America's K-12 younksters in SEIU or New Black Panther extortion, blackmail, thuggery and dare I say....O No! That wopuld be going to far.

Meanwhile, a note to John and Joe: Don't hold your...uh...breath.

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