Thursday, November 04, 2010

Where It Counts ! Part II

A few important additions to oue "elections have consequences" screed.

(1) The Republicans now control more than half the state legislatures (both houses) that will do the redistricting of congressional seats. They have governors in most of those states. Even in New York, Republicans take control of the state senate.

(2) Lamar Smith, a Tevas Congressman, will chair the House Judiciary Committee, and has already warned the Obama executive departments to cease and desist shredding any documents.

(3) Darrell Issa, the California bulldog congressman who has Attorney General Eric Holder in his crosshairs, will not now be so easily rebuffed, and he and Smith may be able to get their Special Prosecutor whether anyone else likes it or not.

But the 61 House seats and six senators "tsunami" pales in importance and impact on the future when measured against the tumult that wuill result from the takeover of statehouses by the G.O.P.

For a lengthy, detailed appraisal, we are indebted to The Fix at WaPo. Here is the web address to copy-and-paste:

No one can predict what will be the short term effect on our lives and our nation of the blowout revolution by awakened patriots all over the USA. But the grand design of the collectivist "progressives" riding a ghostlike Flim-Flam Huckster to a dilution of free speech, free assembly, free political expression and freedom of personal Spiritual values---has been halted in its tracks.

All of America---or almost all--- has joined the late William F.(Bill) Buckley in standing spraddle-legged athwart the face-path of "history" and announcing "STOP" in our time.

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