Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where it Counts !

This corner will have two very brief comments on the political upheaval of Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2010:

(1) The changes, as all good ones are in a Free Republic, are People-Driven, local and not sleazily procured.

(2) While predicted here in this unpretentious corner of the Blogosphere, the tumult was greater and will be more far reaching than we can now see.

John F. Kennedy's maternal grandfather, "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald famously (and ungramatically) said: "All politics is local !"

No election season ever placed a surer seal on that averral than this past one.

If you note, in many places where well entrenched Democrat machines and habitual shenannigans at the site of the ballot are legend, congressional districts went Republican, because the concentration of the "people's will" was stronger and more focused and undiluted as it tends to be in a statewide election.

Only in the election of John Kasich to the governor's chair in Ohio was the outpouring fierce enough to shake the three large Democrat cities' stranglehold.

And, yes, in Illinois, Obama;'s seat went to a repubicanl Paul Kirk. But that was due to the uprising of the midstate and downstate Illinois conservatives who made a massive turnout for this midterm election. They usually do not.

Four black Tea Party candidates took congressional seats as Republicans. John Dingell, the oldest; longest- serving congressmanlost his Michigan seat to a young Tea Party upstart.

Finally, translating the groundswell of frustration with the Democrat admnistration's contemptuous disregard for mail, telephone, fax, wire and email pleas, voters in at least two states took it out on everybody on the ballot.

There is a very treasured confidante I have in Maine who told me: "We do not have a shot at Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins this year, but we are sending Paul LePage to clean out the statehouse. You watch and see""

And, sure enough, little-heralded, Governor-elect LePage of Maine was the last race called. And, the whole atate went Replublican.

Finally, there is Wisconsin, that basiopn of Politial Correctness and frivolity spewing from the sewer of Madison's univerity trappings.

Russ Feingold was defeated as senator, and the governorship, the statehouse assemly and offices ALL were captured by Republicans.

Which probably flows from the healthy way the population of the state is scattered in a lot of amall cities the size of LaCrosse, Racine, Green Bay, Superior, Black River Falls and like that. Milwaukee (with amall town character) and uppity elitist Madison have no real political pretensions.

No...The bigtime manipulators who pull in union thugs to crash the voting machines, and "lose" ballots conveniently (as in Minneapolis & St. Paul Minnesota), and the intimidating gangs cannot rule Wisconsin's people.

Or many other places in America when people refuse to sit down and shut up like a weary blue-haird spinster.

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Dale Hernden said...

Check again Bill, John Dingell won his race.