Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Big Obama Boo-Boo

I will step out from behind the editorial plural, usual in  this blog and use the perpendicular pronoun for a brief composition.

 I am older than dirt. I have not lost any appreciable memory of any history that I have seen--- although Herodotus and Gibbon still clasp some secrets from me, I am sure.

When the presidentof the United States on Tuesday night,  taunted and challenged the Congress  to pass legislation requiring that women be paid the same amount that men are paid for doing the same job,  I was jolted by a big Brain Zot

"Dern!!! " I said to myself. "I wudda  SWORN  Jack Kennedy proposed that legislation when he was president... And I cain't be wrong when I remember it passed !"

Well, he did and it did  And the present occupant of the White House and /  or his staff are just ignorant, or maybe imbecilic.

This morning, the great people at American Thinker came up with the whole cloth of facts. You can see them HERE !

Let me know at Bba76@aol.con  if you hear this reported on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, or in your daily fish wrapper.

The law was passed and signed by JFK in June 1963. That was prior to the sowing of the seeds which are now well rooted in academia and in the communication behemoths, said rooted evil choking and stunting a nation founded on individual liberty and now devoted to the corruption of every lonely illiterate soul into lockstep slavery by people who do not know what others have dared to accomplish.

I believe we are seeing in the United States, a complete triumph of the two big "Esses" !

Arrogant Solipsism and a snowstorm of battling more of the in Solecisms.

A good start toward repair would be more incisive vetting of the candidates in the presidential election next year.

The alphabet television networks and your local Adsheets will not do this. It's up to people like those at the American Thinker and other news commentary websites to dig mercilessly into every resume'. and of course, more of us need to pay attention and not vote the straight PeeCee diversity ticket. 

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