Friday, February 06, 2015

Barry Soetoro Speaks

Certainly that was not our community disorganizer -in-chief  at the national prayer breakfast , equating thousand year old Crusader myths with the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot by Stone Age barbarians this week .

As a matter of fact, the performance and the attitude were so obviously juvenile and sophomoric that one knew that  this was the personna of little Barry Soetoro from that Muslim elementary school in Jakarta Indonesia, circa 1970 .

No distinguished graduate of Columbia and Harvard could possibly come up with such a far-fetched “equivalency”in  behavior of Stone Age throwbacks in 2015 with acts of raucous “true believers” on the cusp of the first millennium.

The issue is:  the words of a brainwashed follower of dictums laid down by a relentlessly haunted illiterate in the seventh century who recruited his fellow desert Arabs away from their belief in the magic of whirlwinds, toward a blueprint of savage slaughter of everyone and anyone who denied the religion of Subnmission (Isl;am).

The man at the prayer breakfast is probably the only man in the United States who really believes that there is no connection between Islam / Muslim Qu’ranic authority and the plague of terrorism by Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and Bojo Haram that threatens the future of what we had heretofore called “civilization” on the planet Earth .

It is not remarkable ,and not a fit subject for applause when a man tries to appease a consolidation of feral evil which  has promised to cut his head off..

But although this adolescent mind can confuse itself with tales of crusaders and witches, it cannot comprehend the stark  silliness of Neville Chamberlain and his followers among the America-Firsters in this country who believed Hitler could be “loved” into goodness and mercy.

And speaking of mercy, do you  foresee this generation needing it in abundance if nothing changes in the next two years ? 

Bill Allen

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