Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Either Way

I see where the supreme leader of the Left-Liberal  Zeitgeist is again complaining that Fox News is biased.

AND... both the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Elections Commission are slavering in anticipation of rubbing out Matt Drudge's web site, the Drudge Report.

Let me suggest the truth, though it IS incendiary in these creepy, shady, obfuscative  times.

When Roger Ailes first started Fox News, an outcry went out that  the new cable network was "slanted". And when Matt Drudge was the ONLY journalist to delineate the origin of that stain on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress, Drudge was slammed and ranted-at by ALL the old  non-Internet media.

What they were yowling about, REALLY, was that Drudge and Fox News were reporting the TRUTH about things that the
paleolithic  media were HIDING and censoring at the editors desk.

Drudge is just an "aggregator".  He links to every news source and shade of  opinion column in the whole world. THAT is why he gets millions of hits in an hour and billions in a year. You can get Xinhua or the Guardian, or socialist apologist E.I. Dionne or center-right Peggy Noonan by clicking on  the Drudge Report.

Similarly, Fox News has THREE TIMES as many viewers  all day, as CNN and CNN is fading fast. MSNBC limps along, also losing 10% audience annually.

So, once and for all...the success of Fox News  and Matt Drudge is because they both cover ALL the news  possible while the left wing mainstream media still tries to censor and twist both content and emphasis.

It;'s no "secret" any longer. Bad reporters just hate it when someone pulls down their knickers.

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