Saturday, May 02, 2015

History Assasins--Tradition Haters

Arithmetic in the first grade used to be taught with “examples” like 1+1=2. This was not long ago, but it is considered Olden Times now.

In 2015, using Common Core, first graders learn first thing “How to Make ‘TENS’. 

 It was just a few years ago that youngsters in my old hometown were physically chastised by their elders for putting out streetlights with stones.

Today, in 2015, in a large American city, an elected mayor designated a portion of her domain for looters and arsonists to work their magic while the mayor ordered her police department to “stand down” rather than arrest the criminals.

Heavy thinkers have traditionally concerned themselves with the safety of the powerless minorities among us and rightly so.

But, when more than 300 Christian Yadziks were slaughtered May 1, 2005 by international gangsters naming themselves “The Islamic State” we didn’t hear a peep from the professional hand-wingers and problem solvers.

Are you getting the picture? All the old verities are crippled and irrelevant to the purveyors of information and weighers of its import.

You don’t get to decide anymore what’s best for your offspring, what’s best for your community.

A coterie of conspirators are tacitly deciding as I write this, what they must do to keep bloody lawless inhuman and amoral entities from becoming “offended” — and summarily slitting the throats of all the politically correct.

That’s right. In the camouflage  of niceness, they opt for craven, gutless fear. Of  what ?

The more our political servants palaver about a gentler, kinder life for all mankind, the more we see them divorce their minds from reality.  Some of them even adopt a religion that holds humanity responsible for too much CO2, which has , in fact, boosted plant growth on earth to outpace loss of rainforest.

The worst sins of the utopian morons is the social engineering that has corrupted the neediest among us and convinced many that turning their backs on individual accountability and responsibility can result in a “one-size-fits-all” Halcyon Heaven.

But it’s just as bad an as proven dreamsust as old anarchist Joe Hill’s “PIE IN THE SKY”.

It’s a LIE.

No matter how hard you squeeze, or stretch, some people are going to be Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos; and some people are going to be Joe-the-Plumber and some are going to be "CandyMan" Freddie Gray, the dope peddler. Some will become Michael Jacksons and some will become the raging "Gentle Giant" Michael Brown.

Some will become famous like the one-eyed Jewish African American Sammy Davis Jr, because of many shining talents and struggling, and some from the same 'Hood will die incarcerated.

No one knows History any longer nowadays, and I get the feeling it is suppressed by these powerful arbiters of correctness because History  nullifies even the least of their fantasies; and will distill their puny poisonous  whirlwinds into common flatulence.

An individual’s span of time alive is brief. But it seems that men and women with a compass given them by parents, family, learned communities and principled sources of  information have struggled and survived to enrich the lives of untold numbers of humankind with indomitable and irresistible TRADITION. So far these believers in the tried-and-true spiritual survival techniques have stoutly held eternal evil at bay.

They have even been able to salvage their children’s lives by plucking them from the society of lawless naysayers and occasionally, slapping them upside the head !

And this is why we are still marginally civilized . But for how long ?

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