Sunday, November 13, 2016


Since our old ultraliberal friend from Eastern Oklahoma went to the True World,  we don't have a single acquaintance who subscribes to the New York Times, but it is difficult to absent oneself from the spiral of this fading fishwrapper.

On Sunday, poor  "Pinch"  Sulzberger wrote an open letter to all his staff and to all his paper's dwindling readership, purportedly to cry havoc and  mea culpa  at the same time while not crying mea culpa and all. He is NYT publisher.

In his condescending, snotty, triple speak opus, the publisher of the Old Spayed Lady  promised that everyone on the Times "will reflect and rededicate the paper  to reporting the news honestly..."

He then went on to say that  his shameless sheet had reported every bit of the just completed 2016 presidential election "without bias".

This debasing burble came after his former star reporter Michael Goodwin, the magazine Vanity Fair and his own "public editor" (ombudsman)  had called him on the carpet to shame him and command him to clean up the once- proud voice of probity, now deteriorated into a hoarse mumbling of warped and twisted political Bullspit.

But as noted above, what used to be a beacon of journalism now resembles a very dead  fish following inevitable natural path, rotting from "the Head" downward.

There is no excitement left, because the momentum of boycott  and reader-disaffection will take their enormous  toll.

There is, of course, the exciting possibility that the multibillionaire Mexican investor, Carlos Slim, the Times' major stockholder  could  move the crippled and  despoiled Queen of print to some new  location south of the Rio Grande. Would  he DARE ?

It would be funnier than Back to the Future or Blazing Saddles to see Tommy Friedman, Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and a lesser cast of   thousands operating from a hacienda in the neighborhood of   Popocatapetl  eruptions.  

Viva  Los Tiempos !!! 

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