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 It is really  mind-boggling  to see the United States Department of Defense  refuse  permission for their  string band to appear at a Memphis Christmas celebration based on “ politically correct”  theory that was  invented  as an inside joke  by the International communist movement (Comintern).

But it happened  Thursday last.

Many of us who actually lived in the 1930s  when Communists  were everywhere in America and did not need to  veil  their activities  with  fake   mottos  and pseudonyms,  they openly couched  their printed  code phrases  as “ jokes”  such as:
“Comrade ! our next  project  will be  to  wreck  religion ( the opiate of the masses)  by banning  the book of common prayer and  confessionals”.  OP:  “ Have you heard comrade,  that we will promulgate  laws  to  end  profits and communize  all property exchange ?”
 That sort of thing appeared in  The Daily Worker, another communist papers and magazines mostly in New York City but circulated nationally.  These “gags”  were  called correct political goals.  Ergo,  the birth of political correctness, the PeeCee plague.

It became a password in interstate conspiracy recognition in this sort of colloquy :
"Comrade ! Your premise is factually incorrect !"

"Maybe, Comrade, but it IS politically 
correct !" SEE MORE HERE

 So here is Todd Starnes,  a solid and ethical journalist who made his rep   on Fox news radio.  He organizes a big Christmas  extravaganza every year in Memphis . He thought that this huge audience  would respond positively and excitedly to an appearance by  the United States Army  string band,  which is made up of four  different guitars, a banjo and a mandolin.  Starnes  felt  their freshness and unique sound  would captivate   everyone and  bring deserved recognition  to the sextet.

He was shocked when the Pentagon  sent him a terse  note declining  to allow participation by the  string band in his celebration  because  “ investigation has revealed  it is a religious event”  with involvement prohibited by Pentagon rules and regulations.

In seeking advice,  Starnes went to  his friend, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee ( no small shakes  of a  string-picker himself). Gov. Huckabee  said he knew of no law that would prevent a U.S. Army musician  from playing  holiday music,  even if it were in a church.  
Now, actually,  what we have here  is  the Department of Defense  banning its musicians from playing “Jingle Bells” !

Therefore, the cultural  "Halfway House" of the Blues, and many thousands  of Christmas  celebrants  will be deprived  of the delicious  sounds of the six  U.S. Army musical  specialists this Christmas.

But all bets are off  for Christmas  20 17,  because as another picker,  Bob Dylan  said, “ Somethin’s Blowin' on The Wind” !

And this storm is thoroughly inimical  to political correctness….PARTICULARLY   in our military.
 That  is what all those red counties  in Ohio, Iowa,  Wisconsin,  Pennsylvania,  Indiana, the Dakotas and the Southeast  are all about..
 They not only do not  talk PeeCee  in Keokuk and Racine. They don’t want their boys and girls in uniform  to talk it either.

Adios Banditos !!

Bill Allen
In A Fading Corrupt Culture, Truth-elling is INSURRECTION !!!!

Bill Allen
In A Fading Corrupt Culture, Truth-elling is INSURRECTION !!!!

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