Sunday, November 27, 2016


As usual,   having wept   at  JFK’s Warm Springs announcement of his candidacy for president  in the summer of 1960  when I was 35… and having  done the same thing on November 23, 1963  when he was assassinated,  I am  almost paralyzed  by the knee-jerk lamentations  of the left wing  at the death of Fidel Castro.

 For in truth they  whine  in Solidarity with  Kennedy’s  assassin Lee Harvey Oswald  who once  strutted around the Kremlin,  and  just a few days before he pulled  that Carcano  rifle’s  trigger,  exhorted Louisiana Cajuns to give Castro “ Fairplay”  and consorted with Cuban and Russian Communists in Mexico City.  


You may excuse Canadian Prime Minister  Trudeau because he is too young to remember and too stupid to understand,  but  Pope Francis,  and Democrat party leaders and  muddleheaded espn  dunces  should be  sent to reeducation camps…. like the ones used by their beloved Bl;oody Fidel, the last head of state I know  of  who used Stalinesque firing squads  to smoothe out  disagreements,  inspiring  the flight of his sister Juanita to the US for safety.

 It is  “ piling on”  to add that the “ usual suspects”  in American “ journalism”  most notably represented by CNN’s  Christiana  Amnapour,  of greatly responsible  for the protective covering stretched over   Fidel’s  wasting frame for the past five decades.

 But as Lee Harvey Oswald  demonstrated  in murdering   Pres. Kennedy  and  officer Tippit  that day,    worshiping   Fidel can be a very bloody business.  And that will be more. 

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