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I found agreeable, and common ground with the late ultra-liberal senator from Massachusetts, Edward (Ted) Kennedy in his bitter intolerance of "wind turbines".

He was willing to use billions in taxpayer funds to subsidize the production and dispersion of the ugly, bird-killing behe moths with voices approaching the sound of a thousand fingernails on  slate blackboard. But he took legal action to prevent the installation of any wind- farms (as collections of these machines are branded) anywhere within mortar range of his Cape Cod  estate-cum-compound.

Just this week a report fought its way onto the Internet (having been eschewed by the mainstream media, naturally)  that reduces whatever argument there is about wind turbines and wind farms to some very simple figures.

One single installation  of the modern windmill cost Port Angeles, CA citizens  $100,000, give or take a few shekels.
The net production of electrical energy produced by the Port Angeles installation  of these things amounts to $1.39 a day (about $40 monthly).
For complete report on this divination  GO HERE !

These 21st-century windmills, designed for a sleek appearance, alas, fail to make anyone's heart skip a beat the way a design  connoisseur's should.
In addition to that, all sorts of birds-- especially seabirds when the "farms" are stuck out on a priceless virgin  beach dune-- attract hundreds of avian species and kill thousands of the hapless flyers, many of them nearly  extinct and protected by federal Law.

All this was promulgated (not invented)  to get into Uncle Sam's amd other "Gubmint" purses with the fraudulent claim that these infernal machines would help fight (nonexistent) global warming by slowing the use of coal and petroleum products to generate electricity for homes.

This hoax, perpetrated by a worldwide dearth  of scientific knowledge,  will haunt educated citizens of the world as long as the world is here.
Warmists  started out with a UN pronouncement that 97% of the scientists on earth agreed that man-made global warming is dooming civilization. They called it "settled science".

Well, any true scientist will tell you right off the bat that the word science MEANS attacking every new theory including one's own and especially those of the so-called "experts". This is not just a matter of opinion but is  actually the nuts and bolts and guts and lights of scientific inquiry.

But beginning sometime in the early 1990's, seizing on opportunity to destroy coal producers and petroleum industrialists, scheming at the same time to bilk trillions in treasure from both the porest as well as the richest nations, a cabal of wildeyed and foamy-mouthed zealots  like  the  Wobblies and Syndivalist anarchists of the 1917-1920 era, built their scary charts and videos  suporting the Chimera of "warming".

One amazing fact that has never been divulged   in mass communication other than by Internet sites like "Watts" is that about a third of that  "97% scientists" are writers, some not out of cllege and a huge chunkk of them undergraduates and pre-doctorals who were incestuouly ignorant  as to what is "climate" and what is "weather" . They survived academically  and physically on "grants"

When the Brit poseurs were caught making up figures for their I PCC "report" in a scandal that is recalled as  "Climate gate" the whole movement miraculously stopped using the phrase "anthropogenic global warming" and switched over to "climate change".  It was a major tipoff that none of the newspapers except the New York Post and the London Telegraph recognized.

Now, it's been 17 or 18 years since any change in global temperatures has been confirmed.  Both icecaps are growing. The GW marketeers violently claim the two decade stretch of level or lowering temperatures  recorded is a "PAUSE". and that those who,like Lord Monkton, James Delingpole who strip the "warming" emperor naked, are just "deniers".

But now that its former hydrophobic representative J. Hansen has been relegated to the role of a lowly adjunct professor at Columbia, NASA is making noises that sounds suspiciously like their diet now is  Crow.

Who knows but that a pragmatic national administration may ask for more than doctrinaire collectivist rubrics  from the "climate" bureaucracy and its lobbyists ?

My money is on common sense. Even a broken clock and the Farmer's Almanac are more accurate than what we've been getting from these well-funded harlots.

Probably the first to go will be mass subsidies of the profitless, noisy bird killer boondoggle.

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