Tuesday, April 04, 2017


As a former newspaperman, it is difficult to construct a way to think about the fact that the major non-cable television networks-- in their United Way-- chose to ignore the Bloomberg News and Fox News  scoop about Obama's  security adviser Susan Rice ordering all our spooks  to send her complete spreadsheets on all the Trump personnel they had in their web of spying on American citizens. The "spreadsheets" were revealed Tuesday by U.S. Attorney Joseph di Genova.
Why should I be surprised that these same networks that summarily disdain the United States Constitution,  shelters a woman who used  the IRS to harass and shut down nonpartisan think tanks, AND look the other way when an U.S. Attorney General tacitly approved gunrunning by federal agents that ultimately led to the death of one such agent ?
Why should we be surprised when these left-wing America- hating media giants coddle a lawbreaker when they have already hidden malign activities of the same person when she lied to the United Nations and the American people by claiming that a radical Muslim raid that killed our   ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi Libya was "the result of a video mocking  the prophet Mohammed" ?
This latest chart of nefarious activity may be gossamer camouflage  for a sickness in our national communications conduits that only a judicial  scalpel can "fix".
Don't hold your breath until legislative committees mangle the language and obfuscate the issues. Only when somebody has enough guts and precience to call for a special grand jury and a special prosecutor/counsel to do some bloodletting investigation and brutal indicting will we get relief...and justice.
The powers that move these America-haters brush off Congress and its subpoenas like the wild animals of Africa brush and blow away flies. 
There is a pattern, if one pauses and looks carefully.  It is almost as architectural as Kubler-Ross'  levels of grief.
When something like the election of Donald J. Trump or the malignity of Lois Lerner, Eric Holder or Susan Rice comes along, these Hummers in the Hive first pretend it did not happen.
Then they say if it happened it was the best thing that could have happened, and they go about picking up motes  and bypassing the fecal matter.
Next, they attack the discloser  of the Emperor's Nekkidness. (In the present case, that would be Mike Bloomberg's news service and the largest newspaper in America, the Wall Street Journal  and the cable news service (Fox)  that attracts three times the viewership of its rivals, and sometimes  it eclipses the old alphabets.
We haven't seen the Hive get its total  comeuppance.  Yet.
But I do believe that time of redemption for the Honorable, and reckoning for the Deceitful may be coalescing as we breathe.

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