Sunday, March 26, 2017


California  Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown on Sunday announced for national consumption, his provincial  dictum that a border wall or any other effort to dissuade lawbreaking border crossings is "Un-Christian".

Without spending any time on what disaffection for Mr. Brown will pour forth from the antireligious TV network  Pooh-Bahs  and God-haters in the rest of the media,  it is only fair to position him in the same globalist fantasy world with his fellows who believe no one  can  successfully defend love of country... Or in many cases, love of one's own property.

We have come a long way since most of the world's people joined to punish Germany, Italy and Japan for taking land to which they had no claim historically or legally.  In about 77 years, we've advanced to the summit of solipsism. " What I say is mine IS mine and you have no say !"  

The answer from the dollar-driven  allies who endorsed those who break the law by entering the United States without consent or count by  ICE officials often is to point out that the mass Sneak-Incursion is simply a rollback of the Louisiana and Gadsden purchases with a armored helmet tip to all the Conquistadores, including Santa Anna and Pancho Villa, who last threatened with arms, not night-stalking !

"It's our land !... We're just finally HOME!" Is the threnody of  La Rasa.

And anyone would have to be graveyard dead not to get a chill up and down the spine from the intensity of the flag burnings by the illegal aliens.

Too often, the mush brained Jerry Browns  who make their skillful heart melting  case for pretending that these masses are not indeed scofflaws,  magnetize the idle; affluent  citizenry.  That is a good sign.

But, might not a person who enters a country without its permission also tend disown other laws of long-standing protecting that country's  schools and homes ?

And if, for instance, to such grown-up lawbreakers reaped and  sexually assaulted in every way possible two 13-year-old girls in  a Montgomery County Maryland junior high school, would it be appropriate or proper for a school authority  to damn complaining parents as "just  racist"?  Should such reaction   be considered even "human" ?

And my question, which has  not been answered in any new story is:  "What in the name of Montgomery County Maryland were two grown males doing with access to these children and a  privy room to exploit for their butchery ?

Fair enough that they so completely validate the word "illegal".

Maybe someone could arrange for Governor  Brown to pray with a wounded Maryland girl-child.

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Vicki said...

It is unconscionable that our own so-called leaders continue to ignore the crimes committed by those who came into our country illegally. Since when did illegal foreigners become more important than American citizens and their safety, particularly that of children attending school?